October 2020

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At 8 weeks old Scout was bought as a present - unfortunately he was not that “Oh thank you! Just what I wanted!” sort of present. So during the day the little puppy was left outside, alone. At night he was put in a crate. He had no socialization, no one to play with, no one to teach him the things that puppies need to know - like what is and isn’t a toy, what to chew and what not to chew. Eventually he was turned over to the shelter - a discarded present. We think that he’s “mostly” Doberman w/ a bit of Labrador thrown in, and very cute.

Scout loves to run after balls, Frisbees, etc., and return them for a treat - this makes for good exercise and a tired happy dog. He is house broken - no accidents in the foster home. He sleeps all through the night. If he barks at the door, he’s telling you he needs out - or that there’s a squirrel out there!

At 1st meeting he is negative (barky) towards men but then is fine once a treat has been given and a kind word exchanged. We think maybe the man in his 1st home wasn’t super nice and was rough with him. He just doesn’t know how to respond properly to all humans, yet. So no playing rough or wrestling - he gets over excited - and at 10 months he’s still very much a puppy and learning appropriate behaviors.

In the foster home he has learnt sit, come, down and paw. He still needs to learn relaxation and impulse control; both will come with age and a stable environment. He is food motivated and eager to please but has a puppy’s attention span. He takes treats very gently from your hand.

He'll need a fenced yard and a stable quiet environment that has big dog experience. He has seen cats and they don’t worry him. He hasn’t had much interaction with other dogs but want’s to play rather than challenge.

Above all he needs patience, stability, supervision and a lot of love and understanding. He is a work in progress with a promising future.

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