May 2017

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9 year old Max is not with KCDR, but we are doing the screening . As usual we want a fenced yard and a family that’s able to give him the love and attention he deserves.

Max lived for 8+ yrs w/ the same family and is good w/ children. He was surrendered for what the owners thought were allergies, plus they couldn’t afford his basic needs. He was taken in by a Good Samaritan, who has seen to it that Max has had a complete health screening, including blood work - all was normal. It turned out that he just needed to be on flea and tick control and have a few baths. . Max also had a Hematoma on one ear, due to scratching (before he was treated for fleas). It’s all healed now, but it doesn’t stand anymore, we think it makes him look even more “dashing”.

He was brought up to date on his vaccinations, had a heartworm test (negative) and is now on heartworm preventative. He’s not on any medication, except Glyoflex to keep him (since he’s an older gent) spry. He, like most older Dobermans, has a few fatty bumps. His teeth look great for a senior. He currently living w/ a male Doberman, a cat and an Irish Wolfhound.

This guy knows basic commands, walks well on a leash and is friendly w/any “being” he’s met since he arrived. He enjoys playing w/ other dogs, once he’s warmed up to them. Being nine he is cautions to not get in their way when they are playing in the yard.

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