Apr 2016

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Thor is a handsome red 3 1/2 year old dober boy! He came from an attentive family who surrender him due to a geographical issue. He is a velcro dobie, who knows more than basic commands and listens very well when being addressed by his loving humans.

Thor is a natural ear, docked tail guy who doesn't mind having other dogs in the home. His introductions have been easy going and he seems to know cat boundaries and ignores them after a few days of realizing they aren't going away. It helps if the felines are canine savvy in that they find their cat door when a potential interest of play is shown to them by Thor, and they can scurry off, leaving Thor disinterested.

Thor is mild mannered with minimal alert barking. He is for the most part a quiet, laid back dude who whines or howls when he hears police/fire/ambulance, but the bother is short loved once the siren passes.

He is a well mannered 2-times per day eater, who sits with a WAIT command until the bowl is on the floor and you say OK. He seems finicky about HIS clean water and sniffs a lot before taking sips. He handles stuffies for days and days and will let other animals in the home know they are his with a nasally growl and stare. He loves peanut butter kongs and offering a sit, shake and down for a treat. He will come up off his front 2 paws, unless you remind him FOUR ON THE FLOOR.

He is well potty trained and kennel trained, with the kennel being his safe place. He doesn't mind pats and kisses and rubs and hugs. Like most canines, he prefers not to have his eyes covered when being petted. Nail trims seem to be easy for him and we hear bathing is not a big deal. We havent had a reason to use a spray bottle, so cant speak to that! He is a good leash walker, but LOVES squirrels, weighing in at 86 pounds tells you that you should practice his leash handling rules before braving it alone

Although he is not a furniture pup in KCDR care, we have learned that he was allowed furniture access, but he is VERY attentive to commands to GET DOWN or OFF.

THOR is a routine kind of dog! He is fun, cuddly and grew up with a small child in his life from very early on. He seems gentle, but large and needs looking after with animals and children simply due to unknowns and his sheer girth. He loves to the inside with his people.

Thor is a remarkable dobie boy. He is gorgeous and loving. He has very quirky behaviors and he is simply a very sound hound!

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