Dec 2015

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Dreamer just celebrated his 1st birthday. Before coming to Rescue, he lived successfully with a family in an upper floor apartment w/ other animals - kittens, ferrets and a chihuahua. He didn’t have a fenced yard and only went out to potty on leash and then right back in again. Poor boy was a growing lad but had no muscle tone. In fostercare he's becoming buff!
He is a big sweet silly puppy. He has no idea that he’s different from other Dobermans. In his heart & soul he’s all Doberman & just wants a chance for a normal life. Dreamer, like all puppies, needs to go to obedience classes. He’s a smart boy, but hasn’t had much chance to learn basic skills. In fostercare he has dog friends to play with and is enjoying having a big fenced, shady yard. His enthusiasm & size sometimes make walking him on leash a challenge, but we’re working on improving his leash skills.
If you look at his pictures you can see that in bright sun he’s squinting or keeping his eyes closed. Albinos have issues w/ seeing in the sunshine, so we took him to the eye specialist - and in fact his eyes are very good (for an albino). We’re trying to teach him to wear “Doggles” but he's not a fan. Likewise he is no fan of his UV protective suit or the SPF 60 sun block on his nose. Fortunately his foster home has a shady yard and in that he is just fine - it's just bright sunlight that is an issue. Some albinos have temperament issues, but not Dreamer! - he's just a rolly-polly bundle of fun
Dreamer was sold as one of them rare 'White' Dobermans by somebody who specializes in turning a profit producing them. In fact he is an albino Doberman - his lack of pigmentation is caused by a genetic defect. Due to their lackof pigment albino's are prone to skin and eyesight problems. .
Click HERE for more albino info - some scientific/some not and some fact/some heresay. More scientific info is available at Michigan State and DPCA

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