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Puppies require a traditionally fenced yard and training classes w/ their owner.

Ronnie's Story         

Yes, we know that puppies are cute, but they should never be an impulse buy. That's why so many end up in rescue. Ronnie's first owner quickly realized that 2 puppies was a lot to take on for a single man who worked a lot. We're glad he chose Rescue rather than Craigs List - we promised him that we'd find his kiddos great homes. Specifically with someone that has had experience in raising & training a large breed puppy.

Ronnie arrived at KCDR w/ his sister. She's been adopted and has already started puppy classes & is doing well. Ronnie needs a traditionally fence yard. We think he'd do well with an older, well mannered dog to 'mentor' him in the home. He loves his foster brothers & follows them around learning what's acceptable and what's not. He's a smart little guy and needs interaction and challenges or he gets bored. He has so much energy he still eats 3 meals a day and needs potty breaks (a puppy bladders can't hold it all day).

Ronnie is learning to respect boundaries. (staying off furniture, leaving the big dogs alone a eating time or chew bone time). He enjoys being outside w/ his foster brother and watching the world go by. Puppies learn a lot from old dogs in their new homes. He's trying to learn that not every distraction outside requires a BARKING and that 'come' means a treat and lots of praise.

He had a problem with riding in a car - even a short ride and he started drooling excessively - he really didn't like getting into the vehicle. We had to medicate him - an anti-anxiety drug - and were able to get him out and about to socialize and meet new people and experiences. Now he seems to be over it - no medication and he is happy to jump in the van and go for a walk and see friends at PetCo. He is becoming a smart and confident puppy.

A word about dogs and kids. We are very cautious about placing puppies in homes w/ children. Dreamer and Indy both had kids in their first homes - but it was doggy/kid misunderstandings (caused by the people not the dogs) that brought them into rescue.

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. Our policy is to process your application before you meet the currently available dogs.
We try to work with you to match what we know about the dog with the information you provide in your application - so as to put the dog in the home where it will do best.  
We are not a mail-order catalogue - we don't take telephone orders and we don't ship overnight !
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