Feb 16 2018

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Hello, my name is freki (pronounced Freck-ie, not frEE-key).

I’m a 2 year old male born in an Ozarks Puppy Mill. When I was 6 weeks old the mill was busted and my brother and I were rescued. We were both adopted by the same couple, neutered, obedience trained, etc., but as we got older my brother started fights w/ me. I don’t want any trouble – but he picks on me! I also live w/ a senior Beagle girl, I’m fine wth her. My family, including the new baby, love me but they are afraid I’m going to get hurt and they want a better life for me.

Here are a few things you might like to know about me:
2 year old Dobermans are still “puppies” and we have a LOT of energy. I’d like my forever family to have as much energy as I do because I love to play fetch... although I’m still working on release. I went to puppy obedience classes and did well. I want someone willing to continue my training and work with me on walking on a leash. I’m very eager to learn! I’d enjoy being in a family with another dog to play with, just please no overly dominant males!

Well that’s my story! Hopefully if you’re reading this you are looking for a loving guy like me to welcome into your home and family!

If you are interested in freki , please fill out the KCDR application. We’ll process it for the family. They require a fenced yard and some experience owning a young large breed dog. This little guy got a bad start in life, we want him to flourish in his next home.

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